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Difference Amplifiers
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Part NumberGradeDescriptionNumber of Channels (#)Vs (Min) (V)Vs (Max) (V)CMRR (Min) (dB)Common Mode Input Low (Min) (V)Common Mode Input High (Max) (V)Input Offset (+/-) (Max) (uV)Iq (Typ) (mA)Small Signal Bandwidth (Typ) (MHz)Slew Rate (Typ) (V/us)Gain (Min) (V/V)Gain (Max) (V/V)Gain Error (+/-) (Max) (%)Operating Temperature Range (C)Input Offset Drift (+/-) (Max) (uV/C)Gain Drift (Max) (ppm/C)
INA106COMPrecision Fixed-Gain Differential Amplifier1103686-11112001.55310100.025-40 to 850.24
INA117COMHigh Common-Mode Voltage Difference Amplifier1103686-200200100020.22.6110.05-40 to 852010
INA157COMHigh-Speed, Precision Difference Amplifier183686-37.537.55002.44140.520.05-40 to 85201
Current Sense Amplifiers Analog Output
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Input Offset (+/-) (Max) (uV)
Input Offset Drift (+/-) (Typ) (uV/C)
Gain (V/V)

Bandwidth (kHz)

Iq (Max) (mA)
Operating Temperature Range (C)
Specified Power Supply Voltage (V)
Clear Parameters
Part NumberGradeDescriptionCommon Mode Voltage (Max) (V)Common Mode Voltage (Min) (V)Input Offset (+/-) (Max) (uV)Input Offset Drift (+/-) (Typ) (uV/C)Gain (V/V)Gain Error (%)CMRR (Min) (dB)Bandwidth (kHz)Supply Voltage (Max) (V)Supply Voltage (Min) (V)Iq (Max) (mA)Special FeaturesOperating Temperature Range (C)Gain Error Drift (Max) (ppm/°C)PSRR (Typ) (uV/V)Specified Common Mode Voltage (V)Specified Power Supply Voltage (V)
INA193COM-16V to +80V, Low- or High-side, High-Speed, Voltage Output Current Shunt Monitor80-1620002.520, 50, 1002100500, 300, 200182.70.9Low-side Capable-40 to 12510051212
INA195COM-16V to +80V, Low- or High-side, High-Speed, Voltage Output Current Shunt Monitor80-1620002.520, 50, 1012100500, 300, 201182.70.9Low-side Capable-40 to 12510051212
INA271HTHigh Temp, 80V, Low-/High-side, High-Speed, Voltage Out Current Sense Amp w/ Simple Filter Input80-161000042202100130182.70.95Low-side Capable-55 to 210
Programmable & Variable Gain Amplifiers (PGA/VGA)
Part NumberGradeDescriptionPGA/VGANumber of Channels (#)Vs (Min) (V)Vs (Max) (V)BW @ Acl (MHz)Acl, min spec gain (V/V)Max Gain (dB)Slew Rate (Typ) (V/us)Operating Temperature Range (C)
PGA203COMDigitally Controlled Programmable-Gain Instrumentation AmpPGA11236111815-25 to 85
Special Function Logarithmic Amplifiers
Part NumberGradeDescriptionVs (+/-) (Min) (V)Vs (+/-) (Max) (V)Iq (Max) (mA)Operating Temperature Range (C)
TL441COMLogarithmic Amplifier616230 to 70
Special Function Video Amplifiers
Part NumberGradeDescriptionOutput Current (Typ) (mA)Vs (Min) (V)Vs (Max) (V)Number of Channels (#)Operating Temperature Range (C)
UA733COMDifferential Video Amplifier3.66610 to 70
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