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Part NumberGradeDescriptionSubFamilyTechnology FamilyVCC (Min) (V)VCC (Max) (V)Bits (#)Voltage (Nom) (V)ICC @ Nom Voltage (Max) (mA)tpd @ Nom Voltage (Max) (ns)Output Drive (IOL/IOH) (Max) (mA)Operating Temperature Range (C)
CD4001BCOMCMOS Quad 2-Input NOR GateNOR GateCD40003184100.0151201.5/-1.5-55 to 125
CD4001UBCOMCMOS Quad 2-Input NOR GateNOR GateCD40003184100.015601.5/-1.5-55 to 125
CD4011BCOMCMOS Quad 2-Input NAND GateNAND GateCD40003184100.015901.5/-1.5-55 to 125
CD4030BCOMCMOS Quad Exclusive-OR GateXOR (Exclusive OR) GateCD40003184100.0151301.5/-1.5-55 to 125
CD4068BCOMCMOS 8-Input NAND/AND GateNAND GateCD40003181100.0151101.5/-1.5-55 to 125
CD4070BCOMCMOS Quad Exclusive-OR GateXOR (Exclusive OR) GateCD40003184100.0151301.5/-1.5-55 to 125
CD4071BCOMCMOS Quad 2-Input OR GateOR GateCD40003184100.0151201.5/-1.5-55 to 125
CD4073BCOMCMOS Triple 3-Input AND GateAND GateCD40003183100.025120-1-55 to 125
CD4075BCOMCMOS Triple 3-Input OR GateOR GateCD40003183100.0151201.5/-1.5-55 to 125
CD4081BCOMCMOS Quad 2-Input AND GateAND GateCD40003184100.01512-1-55 to 125
CD4082BCOMCMOS Dual 4-Input AND GateAND GateCD40003182100.015120-1-55 to 125
CD4093BCOMCMOS Quad 2-Input NAND Schmitt TriggersNAND GateCD40003184100.061301.5/-1.5-55 to 125
CD74ACT02COMQuad 2-Input NOR GatesNOR GateACT4.55.5450.0411.124/-24-55 to 125
CD74HCT00COMHigh Speed CMOS Logic Quad 2-Input NAND GatesNAND GateHCT4.55.5450.02254/-4-55 to 125
CD74HCT03COMHigh Speed CMOS Logic Quad 2-Input NAND Gates with Open DrainNAND GateHCT4.55.5450.02300/4-55 to 125
CD74HCT03COMHigh Speed CMOS Logic Quad 2-Input NAND Gates with Open DrainNAND GateHCT4.55.5450.02300/4-55 to 125
CD74HCT08COMHigh Speed CMOS Logic Quad 2-Input AND GatesAND GateHCT4.55.5450.0231-1-55 to 125
SN54AC00- SPSPACEQuadruple 2-Input Positive-NAND GatesNAND GateAC2643.3, 50.0411, 724/-24-55 to 125
SN54AC02-SPSPACEQuadruple 2-Input Positive-NOR GatesNOR GateAC1.55.501.5, 3.3, 50.08024/-240
SN54HC00MILQuadruple 2-Input Positive-NAND GatesNAND GateHC26450.02235.2/-5.2-55 to 125
SN54HC08-SPSPACEQuadruple 2-Input Positive-AND GatesAND GateHC26450.021500-55 to 125
SN54HC132MILQuadruple Positive-NAND Gates With Schmitt-trigger InputsNAND GateHC26450.02315.2/-5.2-55 to 125
SN7400COMQuad 2-input Positive-NAND GatesNAND GateTTL4.755.25450.022220.4/-160 to 70
SN74ACT00COMQuadruple 2-Input Positive-NAND GatesNAND GateACT4.55.5450.029.524/-24-40 to 85
SN74ACT86COMQuadruple 2-Input Exclusive-OR GatesXOR (Exclusive OR) GateACT4.55.5450.041024/-24-40 to 85
SN74AHC02COMQuadruple 2-Input Positive-NOR GatesNOR GateAHC25.543.3, 50.0213, 8.550/-50-40 to 125
SN74AHC32COMQuadruple 2-Input Positive-OR GatesOR GateAHC25.543.3, 50.0213, 8.550/-50-40 to 125
SN74AHCT08COMQuadruple 2-Input Positive-AND GatesAND GateAHCT4.55.5450.028-1-40 to 125, -40 to 85
SN74ALS11ACOMTriple 3-Input Positive-AND GatesAND GateALS4.55.5350.001813-0.1083333333333330 to 70
SN74F20COMDual 4-input positive-NAND gatesNAND GateF4.55.5250.005161/-200 to 70
SN74F32COMQuad 2-input positive-OR gatesOR GateF4.55.5450.01556.61/-200 to 70
SN74F86COMQuadruple 2-Input Exclusive-OR GatesXOR (Exclusive OR) GateF4.55.5450.02881/-200 to 70
SN74HC00COMQuad 2-Input Positive-NAND GatesNAND GateHC26450.02235.2/-5.2-40 to 85
SN74HC02COMQuadruple 2-Input Positive-NOR GatesNOR GateHC26450.02234/-4-40 to 85
SN74HC08COMQuadruple 2-Input Positive-AND GatesAND GateHC26450.02285.2/-5.2-40 to 85
SN74HC10COMTriple 3-Input Positive-NAND GatesNAND GateHC26350.02245.2/-5.2-40 to 85
SN74HC11COMTriple 3-Input Positive-AND GatesAND GateHC26350.02255.2/-5.2-40 to 85
SN74HC132COMQuadruple Positive-NAND Gates With Schmitt-Trigger InputsNAND GateHC26450.02315.2/-5.2-40 to 85
SN74HC21COMDual 4-Input Positive-AND GatesAND GateHC26250.02285.2/-5.2-40 to 85
SN74HC86COMQuadruple 2-Input Exclusive-OR GatesXOR (Exclusive OR) GateHC26450.02215.2/-5.2-40 to 85
SN74HCT32COMQuadruple 2-Input Positive-OR GatesOR GateHCT4.55.5450.02274/-4-40 to 85
SN74LS00COMQuad 2-input positive-NAND gatesNAND GateLS4.755.25450.022220.4/-160 to 70
SN74LS02COMQuad 2-input positive-NOR gatesNOR GateLS4.755.25450.027220.4/-80 to 70
SN74LS03COMQuad 2-input positive-NAND gates with open collector outputsNAND GateLS4.755.25450.022450/-160 to 70
SN74LS08COMQuadruple 2-Input Positive-AND GatesAND GateLS4.755.25450.02125-0.050 to 70
SN74LS132COMQuad 2-input positive-NAND Schmitt triggersNAND GateLS4.755.25450.04400.8/-160 to 70
SN74LS20COMDual 4-input positive-NAND gatesNAND GateLS4.755.25250.011220.4/-160 to 70
SN74LS27COMTriple 3-input positive-NOR gatesNOR GateLS4.755.25350.026150.8/-160 to 70
SN74LS33COMQuad 2-input positive-NOR buffers with open collector outputsNOR GateLS4.755.25450.0165180/-480 to 70
SN74LS86ACOMQuad 2-input exclusive-OR gatesXOR (Exclusive OR) GateLS4.755.25450.05300.8/-160 to 70
SN74LVC08ACOMQuadruple 2-Input Positive-AND GateAND GateLVC1.653.641.8, 2.5, 2.7,, 6.9, 4.8, 4.1-1-40 to 125
SN74S08COMQuad 2-input positive-AND gatesAND GateS4.755.25450.0327.5-10 to 70
SN74S140COMDual 4-input positive-NAND 50-Ohm line driversNAND GateS4.755.25250.0446.540/-600 to 70
SN74S20COMDual 4-input positive-NAND gatesNAND GateS4.755.25250.011220.4/-160 to 70
SN74S38COMQuad 2-input positive-NAND buffers with open collector outputsNAND GateS4.755.25450.054220/-480 to 70
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