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Part NumberGradeDescriptionCycle Time (ns)Data / Program Memory Space (Words)DMA (Ch)Frequency (MHz)MIPSMOPSOperating Temperature Range (C)
SM320C40KGDS50DMILFloating-Point Digital Signal Processors, Military404G6603060-55 to 100, -55 to 126
SMJ320C30KGDM40CMILDigital Signal Processor,Military Known Good Die5016M1402550-55 to 125
SMJ320C30KGDM50CMILDigital Signal Processor,Military Known Good Die4016M1502550-55 to 126
SMJ320C40KGDM40DMILFloating-Point Digital Signal Processors, Military504G6403060-55 to 100, -55 to 125
SMJ320C40KGDM50DMILFloating-Point Digital Signal Processors, Military404G6503060-55 to 100, -55 to 125
Digital Signal Processor > C6000 DSP + ARM Processor
Part NumberGradeDescriptionOperating SystemsARM MHz (Max.)ARM CPUDSPDSP MHz (Max.)On-Chip L2 CacheOther On-Chip MemoryEMACDisplay OptionsVideo Port (Configurable)DRAMUSBSPII2CApplications
OMAPL137-HTHTHigh Temperature Low Power Applications ProcessorDSP/BIOS3001 ARM91 C674x300256 KB (DSP)128 KB10/10011SDRAM222Communications and Telecom, Consumer Electronics, Energy, Industrial, Medical
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