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Part NumberGradeDescriptionNumber of Channels (#)Output TypeVs (Min) (V)Vs (Max) (V)tRESP Low - to - High (us)Vos (Offset Voltage @ 25C) (Max) (mV)Iq per channel (Max) (mA)Input Bias Current (+/-) (Max) (nA)Rail-to-RailOperating Temperature Range (C)VICR (Max) (V)
LM139-SPSPACEQuad Differential Comparator4Open Collector, Open Drain2361.350.525Out-55 to 12534.5
LM111MILDifferential Comparator With Strobes1Open Collector, Open Drain3.5300.11536100No-55 to 12528
LM119MILHigh Speed Dual Comparator2Open Collector, Open Drain5360.02545.5500No-55 to 12533
LM193MILDual Differential Comparator2Open Collector, Open Drain2361.350.525Out-55 to 12534.5
LM311COMDifferential Comparator With Strobes1Open Collector3.5300.1157.57.5250No-40 to 85, 0 to 7028
LM339ACOMQuad Differential Comparator4Open Collector2300.320.550Out0 to 7028.5
LM393COMDual Differential Comparator2Open Collector2360.350.550Out-40 to 85, 0 to 7034.5
TLC3702COMDual, Micropower, Push-Pull Outputs, LinCMOS(TM) Voltage Comparator2Push-Pull3161.150.020.03No-40 to 85, -55 to 125, 0 to 7015
TLC372COMDual General Purpose LinCMOS(TM) Differential Comparator2Open Collector3160.250.150.03Out-40 to 125, -40 to 85, -55 to 125, 0 to 7015
TLV3402COMDual Nanopower Open Drain Output Comparator2Open Collector2.716553.60.000640.1In-40 to 125, 0 to 7021
TLV3701COMSingle Nanopower Push-Pull Comparator1Push-Pull2.7163650.00080.1In-40 to 125, 0 to 7021
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